Friday, May 18, 2012

Asian Invasion in Alameda Sports Bars

I find it quite amusing that two Alameda sports bars of Scobies and the Fire Den have recently started to serve  Asian BBQ.  Scobies advertises Korean BBQ and the Fire Den hangs a banner in front for Vietnamese BBQ. Both of these bars are very American in marketing and decorum. I wonder why the change in direction of the food or it is because the usual bar food wasn't making any money?  If Great American BBQ wanted to have a second location in either one of those spots, it would increase sales.  The Fernside location of Great American BBQ is a bit of a trek to get to, not to mention the lack of parking around it.  I would love to get great barbecue on Park Street.

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Anonymous said...

Scobies is now serving Southern BBQ, no longer the Korean food. American BBQ makes more sense in a sports bar.