Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hot Dog Economics

I went to Doggy Style over the weekend when I had a hot dog craving.  I ordered one Dirty South, which is a chili cheese dog and one Doggyzilla which is a bratwurst with Asian toppings of seaweed, wasabi mayo, cole slaw and teriyaki sauce.  The two hot dogs and one can of soda was over $14.00.  The hot dogs were tasty, but the Dirty South didn't have a lot of chili and the dog was overwhelmed with too much bun.

For about the same price of $14, I could have purchased four chili cheese dogs (with more chili) from Der Wienerschnitzel down the street along Park.  Each of their chili cheese dog is $3.25, a bargain in comparison.

I will have to say that Doggy Style must improve their products if they are going to compete with other establishments who have much lower prices and serves about the same quality of food.

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Anonymous said...

No you couldn't have gone to Der Wienerschnitzel on Park - they're closed.