Tuesday, July 10, 2012

American Oak

The newly renovated space is comfortable and casual with an Americana look and feel.  There is a lot of wood in the bar area and paneling along the wall where is the front door is. I however, cannot determine if the wood used is actually oak since the lighting is so dim inside the restaurant.

What is amazing is the Whiskey menu.  One can taste a variety of over 100 different whiskeys. Yee haw!  If you are not that adventurous or if your liver cannot filter that much alcohol, a whiskey flight of four selections will cost anywhere from $8 to $22.

As for the food, the ribs and french fries on the appetizer menu are tasty, I highly recommend these dishes.  The ribs are juicy and tender. The children's pepperoni pizza which is too large for any child to eat and at a price of $7, can feed two adults. FYI - if your kid can eat the whole pie, the child is overeating. The pizza is a kick ass price; one cannot beat the value of this item.  The pizza is palatable and decent, but it's no where near the high quality standards of East End Pizza Co.  Nonetheless, customers continue to order the pizzas because of the value and the portion sizes.  Fortunately, the owner kept macaroni and cheese on the menu from the Barceluna days.

I firmly believe the kitchen will continue to improve and work out the kinks of the food. Wait and see, this establishment will be fantastic in a few months.

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