Monday, July 16, 2012

Bastille Day Celebration

The Bastille Day celebration was in full swing this past Saturday at Cafe Jolie.  The cafe had lots of decorations and the staff got customers excited.  I bought lots of croissants and macaroons, but I forgot to wear my beret.  The plain croissants were flaky and delicious, just like buying one in Paris. The chocolate croissants were unfortunately dry and they did not have enough chocolate inside for my liking.  Nonetheless I  still ate it because I love chocolate.  The colorful macaroons were packaged so nicely in a set of six.  The cookies were tasty, lots of different flavors, slightly chewy texture and bite size.  

It is such a blessing that there is a French cafe on the island. Alameda is in dire need of varied food establishments, especially since Le Bouc closed down about a decade ago.   

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