Friday, March 20, 2009


Tapas are great because the dishes are served in small portions and a table is able to consume a wide variety of food. Tapas were a smashing hit in the mid to late 1990s and have kept their panache in the bay area. Alameda has two tapas restaurants: Barceluna and Zen. Interestingly enough, Barceluna and Zen are just steps from each other. Both are located on Santa Clara Avenue, west of Park Street.

If you read my blog entry dated on March 8, 2009, Zen was definitely off on my radar. I then decided to give Zen another try and went there on a weekday night. This time, the atmosphere and service was a complete 180 compared to the previous encounter. I believe the owner was working that evening and greeted my party as soon as we entered the door. A major relief when I saw someone take care of us in front of the house. The menu was a long list of Asian fusion tapas, entrees and desserts. My table ordered about six different small plates. We ordered gyoza which is basically the Japanese term for potsticker. The won ton skin was crisp, not chewy, and the filing was pork and vegetable. The sauce for the gyoza was a light soy sauce with a slight hint of daikon. Gyoza was a great start to begin a meal. Agedashi with bonito flakes was another delicious dish. I am a huge fan of tofu, I believe everyone should eat tofu on a daily basis. The tofu was dry and firm which means the oil in the pan was really hot. The bonito flakes added another fish dimension to the dish while the sauce was slightly sweet. It was overall a tasty and healthy plate. One of the signature dishes of the restaurant is the sweet potato and taro chips. We had to definitely try it since it was recommended by the wait staff. The chips came with a chipoltle and mayonnaise sauce. When the fish and chips dish came out, I was really excited. I love fish and chips. The fish was cooked well, not overdone and not limp. The chips appeared amazing, but ended up being a disappointment. There was not a lot of flavor coming from the sweet potato or taro root. The chips were deep fried, battered and cut into wedges, and the sauce helped bring some flavor and moisture. The fries overall, were a miss for me. An interesting dish that was selected that evening was the kim chee fried rice. Kim chee is fermented cabbage and can be spicy. The rice dish was great in flavor and had some heat to it, but not scorching hot. The beef slices in the rice made the dish, it brought depth and texture in a fantastic way. In summary, I am glad that I did not completely write off Zen since the meal was great and the service was much improved. I would recommend coming to this restaurant with a reservation and knowing the manager or owner is working.

Barceluna is both old and new to Alameda. The previous location was at the old Alameda Theatre before the the movie house was in operation. The restaurant was forced to close and now it has relocated to Santa Clara Avenue at the old Luciano's space. The food is geared towards Spanish tapas, or small plates. The tapas menu changes on a monthly basis, so it always a welcoming surprise to read what is on the menu. The Tuna Luna tapa was fresh ahi tuna with tofu, cucumber and avocado chunks mixed in a spicy sauce. The presentation was nice in a martini glass and with a giant tortilla chip. The flavors, however were a miss. There wasn't enough tuna for my liking and the dish was mainly filling. The tofu did not add any flavor and at times looked like avocado to me. The ahi was over cooked and other ingredients masked the natural taste of the tuna. The mushrooms tapa was decent. The dish was cooked mushrooms with a nice smokey flavor. The skirt steak on top of a crostini tapa sounded great on the menu, but it was a bit difficult to eat. The steak was a bit chewy and slightly tough and did not tear easily once you bit into the meat. The flavor of the beef was good, but I wish the meat was more tender. The pomme frites were yummy and a good sized dish. The fries were crunchy and hot, served with a mayonnaise and ketchup dipping sauce. Another time I had their pulled pork mini sandwiches. The meat was tasty and tender with smoky flavors, moistened in a rich BBQ sauce. As for dessert, the menu is very minimal. The only dessert worth tasting is their deep fried dessert.

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