Friday, July 3, 2009

Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a great time to relax, hang out with friends and family and watch the Alameda Fourth of July Parade go by. What is really special about Alameda is the community spirit and hometown feel. My favorite parade moments were the Mexican Cowboys riding horses down the parade route and watching the horses perform tricks. The horses were graceful dancers and it's wonderful to watch them prance with regal flair. It's also great to see the various local high school marching bands, organizations and companies participating in a city event.

When you think of Fourth of July, hot dogs, potato salad, and hamburgers come to mind. After the parade is over, the City hosts a party in one of the parks with jumpers for kids and food booths. The food booths tend to be the same players who participate in the Earth Day event meaning Croll's Pizza and a non-profit organization selling hot dogs and drinks to raise money. The food is nothing special and it's mobile food to walk around with ease.

If you don't pack your own food basket, The New Zealander is a good place to eat at after the parade and get a pie and a pint. A hamburger from Nation's is a decent choice for hungry eaters on a budget. Havana is a cool place to hang out and look good at the same time. Linguini's is the only front patio restaurant along the parade route. A great pizza or pasta dish at this place would satisfy an empty stomach. Higher end restaurants are not open for business during lunch times on holidays so Acquacotta or Yume is not an option. Too bad. However Cera Una Volta is open on the weekends for lunch, so this a great choice on Saturday. If the fourth is a beautiful, sunny day than Julie's on Park Street is a wonderful and quiet outdoor setting for a sandwich or a beverage and a baked good.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going to walk over to Everett & Jones for take-out if the crowd isn't too big. Gotta have bbq on the 4th!