Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are awesome! They are one of mankind's greatest accomplishments. Hot dogs are pre-cooked, easy to travel with and does not require a fork and knife. Hot dogs in large quantities can be unhealthy for you, but not all hot dogs are made the same. There are plenty of hot dog manufacturers on the market and most of them make inferior products. Hot dogs are the made from leftovers of the fatty parts of a cow or other organs that are not wasted.

Hot dogs in Alameda came, gone, and never go away. The Pampered Pup on Park Street has been around for a long time, it's the only food joint in Alameda specialized in hot dogs. If you ever tasted a hot dog from the Pampered Pup, one has to wonder how it stays in business. The texture of the wiener is tough and when you bite into it, the skin has resistance. You can even hear the snapping of the wiener skin when you bite into it. Unfortunately, there is no flavor of the wiener, all you taste are the condiments on the dog. This indicates to me that the wieners they purchase are poor quality even though the least expensive dog is over $3.

There was a place in Marina Village called Top Dog that sold gourmet hot dogs for a while and eventually went out of business. The gourmet hot dog business plan did not work in Alameda. Gourmet dogs work in other major cities, but for some reason Alamedans do not support it.

Der Wienerschnitzel on Webster and Park are fast food places that sell a lot of hot dogs. The Chili Cheese Dogs are popular items since the chili smothers the taste of the wiener with melted cheese on top. The Corn Dogs are chicken wieners and not beef. I guess they are trying to serve a more healthy food product, but the taste is not the same. The Corn Dog tastes good with the outer corn meal batter, but most people would not be able to tell the difference between a chicken or beef hot dog. This also supports the idea that anything deep fried tastes good. The little mini corn dogs they sell are also chicken wieners.

Culina sells a gourmet deep fried hot dog called the Ripper Dog. The idea of eating a deep fried hot dog is indulgent. Eating hot dogs in general bring on the guilt factor, and then when you add the deep fried aspect to it, it becomes over the top. However, when you bite into the Ripper Dog, it calms all of your guilt sensors and you happily taste the hot dog and the condiments. The dog tastes good and has a satisfying, spiced meat flavor to it. The bun is also a great feature of the hot dog experience. The bun is not wimpy and kept the condiments in place without the bun getting soggy. The Ripper Dog is a bit more expensive compared to the fast food establishments, but it is worth the cost since the product is a higher quality of meat.


Anonymous said...

"when you bite into it, the skin has resistance. You can even hear the snapping of the wiener skin "

Yes, this is the casing and are a sign of usually quality dogs. Cheap supermarket hot dogs like Oscar Mayer and Ball Park hot dogs do not have them. I like the Pampered Pup; they have pretty good dogs.

chriso said...

I completely agree - pampered pup is as good as caspers - great hot dogs

Anonymous said...

These two people must be on crack! The dogs at the Pampered Pup taste as if it came from the kennel.