Monday, February 8, 2010

Touchdown! And the Saints Come Marching Home...

Did anyone eat any awesome Superbowl snacks or food while watching the game? I gorged on food from late morning to early evening watching the game. I started off eating bagels with cream cheese and blueberries. I then moved on to Manhattan Clam Chowder with oyster crackers. The next course was BBQ pork ribs. The meat was purchased from Costco and slowly smoked and grilled. I have to say the meat from Costco is better than expected. The ribs were extremely tender and fell off the bone. After eating a few courses, I had to take a break from eating. During half-time, it appeared the Colts were on their way to win another Superbowl. The half-time show watching The Who was somewhat difficult to watch. The band members were old and not their rock-n-roll sexiness that everyone remembers them by. As the third period started, I continued on my eating journey with filet mignon. The meat was awesome! The beef was purchased from Costco and it was so juicy, tasty and really delicious. You could eat the meat without a knife, it was that tender. The meat was cooked on a BBQ grill. The last and final course was dessert. A chocolate cake from Boniere Bakery was at the party. The sheet cake was gorgeous to look at, but the chocolate flavor was not intense. The cake lacked personality even though it was moist and the frosting was not tooth ache sweet.

Fourth quarter, the game changed and the Saints rallied back. Surprisingly enough, The Saints won and earned their first Superbowl title.

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