Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Want My Tacos Old School

A long time ago, I had tacos at Ramiro and Sons on Alameda Avenue. For some reason, I could not remember if I enjoyed the food, which is probably not a good thing since the incident was not memorable. I then decided to go back to Ramiro and Sons and taste their food once again.

I looked at the menu board and was slightly surprised at the cost of the taco prices. A Regular taco was $3.00 and a Supreme taco was $4.50. My first question was, why are the prices so high? The answer was that their tacos included rice and beans for the Regular, and sour cream and guacamole along with the rice and beans for the Supreme. Another surprise not on the menu ... Fish tacos.

Both the Regular and Supreme tacos had two corn tortillas, one steamed and one deep-fried for the crunch. It is a creative idea and does give each bite a crunch and prevents the wet ingredients from making the tortillas soggy. The Regular taco I ordered was Chile Verde and requested no rice in the taco. The taco was over loaded with shredded pork that was moist and flavorful. The crunch of the crispy tortilla added a great texture in my mouth. The other taco was the Carne Supreme taco with everything. This taco was huge! The taco had two scoops of sour cream and guacamole on top. The rice, beans, sour cream and guacamole drowned out the taste of the beef. The beef taco was bland due to the over abundance of ingredients. I was disappointed by this taco.

These tacos were small scaled burritos with all of the ingredients. I rather prefer tacos to be simple and flavorful without the fluff. I want to be able to taste each ingredient and not be bothered by bland volume.

The next time I return, I will taste their burritos.

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