Sunday, June 6, 2010

Santoro's is Finally Open

After several months of waiting for Santoro's Italian Deli to open, it is finally in operation. The store is a great welcome to the neighborhood that is use to cigarette and corner joints. The store uplifts and improves community spirit because the store draws more interest of the general public.

The owner makes fresh meatballs and cannolis. They make sandwiches to order on fresh Semifreddi's bread. The store also sells dry pasta, Italian red sauces, deli meats, fresh olives and a variety of desserts.

The store's interiors are clean, wide open spaces and the space is fresh and new. The residential area of the west side of Alameda is in dire need of a friendly and neighborhood hangout.

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Bullit said...

Santoro's is the best Deli in Alameda. Thier sandwhiches are as good or better than Genova's in Oakland The Cannolis are my favorite they are a give away at a buck, and you can get your Espresso there also. The couple that own and run it are super nice people.