Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daphne's Greek Cafe

Was at the mall (AKA Alameda Towne Centre) and had a hunger for Greek food. I was short on time and cash and I decided to go to Daphne's instead of Zeytini's.

I ordered the lamb gyro that came with a greek salad and roasted vegetables. The meal was moderately priced at $8.99 that came with a drink. Beware of the super size upgrades for a higher price and french fries. it's not worth it. The greek salad was the best food of the meal. The lettuce was fresh and crunchy and the dressing was tasty. The lamb gyro had problems. The meat was thinly sliced, but the meat was bland. The tzatziki sauce masked the blandness of the meat and tasted good with the lettuce and tomatoes in the gyro. The roasted vegetables were a mess. There was a great selection of varied vegetables, but they were over cooked and limp. The veggies also had a heavy dressing of herbs on them that did not help with the flavors. I would second guess on ordering the lamb gyro again.


Kevin said...

Does anyone know what is happening in the New Zelander/Croll's? It looks as though the inside is having work being done on it. Also, does someone know when Millie's/Cafe Jolie might be opening?

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I highly recommend Troy (Central @ Park) over Daphne's. Troy has a KILLER gyro, and is locally owned.

Nothing wrong with Daphne's, but it's a chain. I eat there when I go to Orange County on business. Like most OC food, Daphne's caters to a non-foodie, meat-and-potatoes type palate.

Elizabeth said...

There is no getting around the fact that Daphne's is a chain. But when the kids want fast food for lunch or dinner, I'd choose Daphne's over any of the major burger, chicken or taco joints. When my daughter eats at Daphne's she's getting a plate that includes salad, vegetables and decent bread products.
Yes, the meat (lamb) is not excellent. Often the vegetables are over cooked. But I feel I'm not feeding her questionnable meat products and accroutments.
I gladly treat her with a piece of baklava for dessert.