Saturday, April 16, 2011


There is a big wide world out there when it comes to innovative food. Places are popping up in San Francisco and Oakland, and unfortunately Alameda is being left behind in the dust. I am not sure why Alameda restaurants are too conservative. Is this island a dead zone? It is the people who live here or it is because it's the people who come onto the island and order the low level food. I feel at times the demand for the type of food people want in Alameda is "food on a plate". There is no creativity, there is no thought process, people put food in their mouths and chew.

Some may think Angela's is innovative and great food. I don't think their food is creative, but they make food they are comfortable in making and can produce on a consistent basis. Their food is simple and not technically sophisticated. You will notice a rush of customers during the happy hour time for discount deals.

Pappo use to be bad ass and now they have lost their luster. They can make a mean steak, but how difficult it is to grill a steak. I do have to say they make the best french fries on the island. Yummy!

I just remembered that there is one woman in Alameda who makes great, creative food and that person is Mona of Mona's Table. She is probably the most forward thinking chef in this town. Her food is tasty and she gets inspired from various ethnic foods and makes them her own. Her hours are limited, so be aware of the clock when you drive to Fernside.

For some reason Otaez is getting tired or perhaps lazy in their cooking. The last few times I had a meal there, I could not eat a regular entree. I ordered food from the appetizer menu because everything was heavy. Even the deep fried fish, which is usually a crowd pleaser was difficult to eat. The diabla sauce was off and it didn't taste good.

For a low key night with decent pub food, The Hob Nob is always a good place for me. I do enjoy their fish and chips, blue cheese wedge salad and their spaghetti and meatballs. I stay away from the cuban sandwich. When I go to The Hob Nob, it always surprises me to see people playing games in the dark. How are they able to read the board and the cards? With enough alcohol, I don't think anyone is checking for accuracy.

With everything being the same in Alameda, I feel that I get the most inspiration from watching cooking shows, Top Chef Masters or reading food magazines. Surfing the web for recipes also peaks my interest.

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