Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ohana Hawaiian BBQ

The advertisements of Ohana Hawaiian BBQ in the Nob Hill Shopping Center looks professional and tasty. However, when I ordered food at this place, the result was horrible. I ordered the BBQ Hawaiian Pork that came with the rice and macaroni salad. I also ordered a side order of Spam Musubi. The musubi was good, the sauce was slightly sweet and the saltiness of the spam and seaweed was a good combo. The meal was another story. The texture of the pork was questionable, it was mushy. When I cut the meat with a knife and fork, it was tender, but I wondered if the meat was properly cooked.

There was a brown gravy covering the meat. The gravy was there to hide the taste and texture of the meat. It didn't help or save the meal. I had about one-third of the meal and stopped. Two hours after the meal, my stomach hurt. I did not vomit, but I felt ill. Luckily I felt better after a nap and the food passed through my body. I will never go back. Once is enough for me, especially after my stomach pains and short term illness.

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