Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun

With long sunny days, take advantage of summer and hopefully the small plates of what Alameda has to offer.  I ate at the bar at Angela's right before a movie.  The kitchen didn't have the small burgers, so instead I ate the petite steak sandwiches. The sandwiches were tasty and delicious.  The grilled onions and the horseradish made the dish and the flavors were more complex.  The price was great at $7.   I also had the Chicken Parmesan strips.  The sauce was on the side and the chicken tenders had melted cheese on top.  What I liked about the appetizer was that the chicken was not soggy.  Yummy! 

The Hob Nob is always a safe and great choice for small plates.  My favorites are the fish and chips, the spaghetti and meatballs and the truffle french fries.  I am ecstatic that the chef is concerned about the consistency of her food as well as quality.  

If you are in a real bind and don't have a lot of cash, there is always Der Wienerschnitzel.  You can't go wrong with a chili cheese dog or a corn dog. 

Barceluna has a rich and creamy macaroni and cheese.  It is delicious when it's hot. 

Scolari's has great hamburgers and an awesome stromboli sandwich.  The food is great pre-hangover food or late night party food.  You can eat the food at Lucky 13 or inside.

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