Saturday, April 4, 2009

Extra Helpings of BBQ

One night I was too tired to heat the grill and cook dinner. I opened the refrigerator about six times trying to decide what to make or how to concoct a meal that was quick. With all of the fuss wasted on making a decision, it was easier to buy food instead. The choice was barbecue from from Everett and Jones on Webster Street. I ordered three small plates to get a wide variety of food without over eating. The food selections were barbecue chicken, ribs and pulled pork with medium heat sauce. The sides were corn bread, brown beans and macaroni and cheese.

The barbecue sauce was the same for all of the meats. It was tasty with a little bit of heat and a smokey essence to it. As for the main entrees, the barbecue chicken was moist and tender, it was the best meat out of the three. The ribs were also good, but a bit overcooked. The edges of the meat were dry and crunchy in texture. The flavor of the ribs were tasty and satisfying and easy to release from the bone. The pulled pork meat had problems. The meat was extremely overcooked and dry. Secondly, pulled pork is either pulled away from the bone by manual labor or by using a fork. The meat in this case was cut away from the rib with a knife and roughly sliced. I do not recommend the pulled pork due to the dryness of the meat. The sauce helped in giving moisture to the meat, but the meat was tough. Hands down, Chef Edwards in Oakland doesn't have anything to be concerned with his Piggly Wiggly Sandwich; there is no competition here. His pulled pork sandwiches are what dreams are made of.

The sides can compliment a meal if you choose them wisely. The brown beans were delicious, smokey in flavor with a slight sweetness to them without being too thick or runny. The corn bread was dry and crumbled easily. There wasn't a lot of moisture in the corn bread which was probably why it crumbled into thousands of little crumbs. The macaroni and cheese was sad. The cheese flavor was bland, the look of the dish was uninspiring and it was a weak side. It would have been a safer bet to choose corn on the cob instead.

The Webster Street location is better than their small kitchen inside Scobies Bar and Grill. I know I will come here again, but choose different sides and taste other meat options. I do like my extra helpings of barbecue.

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