Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is the Attraction?

I have failed to understand what the attraction is to Sushi House Restaurant in the mall.  The dining room is a large scaled cafeteria and the lighting in the space is less than pleasant or romantic.  I then decided to give this restaurant another chance because I was hungry and it was late.  My friend and I ordered a wide variety of rolls and sushi.  

From the get go, the hostess placed us at at a dirty table.  There was spilled soy sauce all other the table, which was not acceptable to me. Strike #1. I then moved over to another table and sat down.  The waitress then came over to our table and took our order.  When she gave us our plates, there was food remnants on the plate from the previous customer.  Of course we returned the plate and asked for a new and clean plate.  Strike #2.

When the food was delivered to the table, the food came out of order.   The sushi came out before the appetizer.  The gyoza tasted alright, but I had to double check to see if the pork meat inside the dumpling was properly cooked.  The color of the won ton skin was very light and the temperature inside the dumpling wasn't exactly hot.  Strike #3.  My friend and I took our chances and hoped for the best. The sushi of unagi and the hamachi was palatable and it tasted okay.  The rolls however, were another story.  The rolls were quite difficult to eat. You could not bite into the roll and have a clean break.  You literally had to eat the entire piece and shove the food into your mouth.  Otherwise the rolls would crumble apart since they were not rolled properly. The flavors of the rolls were also somewhat bland which was a disappointment since the cost of the rolls ranged from $8 to $11.  Strike #4.

With four strikes into the meal, we decided to end our dining experience at the Sushi House and move on.  Even though both of us were still hunger, we were agitated enough with the service and the quality of the food.  I have to wonder why the large groups of Asians always keep on coming back for more.  The prices are not cheap and the noise inside the restaurant can be quite loud during peak times.   What am I missing? 

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Wendy TC said...

Ditto! I have always wondered why customers would put up with the high prices, low quality, noise, and, most of all, the rude service. I have had two disasterous dinners at Sushi House. No more for me.