Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo! Beware of Witches and Monsters

As Halloween falls upon the last Monday of October, there will be lots of little ghosts, goblins, witches and monsters walking around the Gold Coast and Fernside areas.  Regardless of what age you are, we are all seeking decent candy from trick or treating.  Decent candy is anything chocolate in a pre-packaged wrapper. I would be hesitant in taking or eating candy that was packaged from the home owner unless you directly know the person.  You never know what people do in their kitchens or their food handling practices.

Halloween in Alameda is such a wonderful family experience.  It's a riot seeing all of the adults get into costumes and character when passing out candy.  The grave yards and haunted houses in the Gold Coast are also spectacular and uplifts the children's imaginations.  Please be careful when driving around high traffic areas of little ones.  We want safe and enjoyable activities for all.

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